Onomastic Conferences and Organisations

There are many scientific endeavours that assemble researchers and scientists to discuss various aspects of a particular field of study. Onomastics is no different, bringing researchers together from across the world.

The first-ever onomastics congress was held in 1938. This formed the foundation of the international committee. The Congress of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS) is arguably the most important event in the world concerning studies in Onomastics.

This event is hosted by the International Council of Onomastic Sciences. These congresses are held every three years, in different parts of the world. The discussions have since its inception become broader, with a range of particular sub-divisions concerning the study getting more attention.

The congresses that discuss particular subjects under onomastics are also organised by ICOS, with a general assembly by directors of the ICOS also coming together during the congresses.

Conferences have been organised to discuss a range of topics like the standardisation of names of a given location or geographical names. Another well-known conference to fall under the study of onomastics is known as The International Conference on Name and Naming conferences (ICONN).

There are many conferences like these that provide many opportunities for the discussion of issues concerning onomastics in society. Almost any topic can be suitable for a conference. This might involve traditional topics to more contemporary issues.

The research concerning name planning, name models or the legal framework of the name-giving practices are all valuable aspects of the study of onomastics. Interested parties can register their interest in onomastics by accessing the official ICOS website online.

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