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ICOS 2014 discusses the study of onomastic science. In other words, it provides various articles for students and interested individuals to learn more about the study of names and all their aspects.

Onomastics or onomatology is in itself is a broad topic. This is because almost all things known to us go by some kind of “name”. The study of names concerns various topics, including and not limited to cultural and geographical regions.

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Dig into the history of onomastics and learn about how people started using names to create connections to the past. Read how names are still being used to connect us to our past. Many naming conventions are still prevalent today.

Subscribers will come across articles that explore the notion of attending conferences or events concerning a particular field of study. Learn how you can connect with onomastic organisations.

Many researchers from across the world converge annually to discuss important matters concerning naming, for example, geographical or politically significant naming conventions. For users who plan on attending conferences or events in person, this site provides readers with some great tips that could calm the fear of public speaking.

Become more aware of the advantages of attending conferences in a particular field of study like onomatology, whether it is in person or online. Discover various online alternatives to attending a conference in person. Access a range of online sites that make projects and collaboration between researchers easier.

Find better ways to complete research projects by accessing all the online resources at your disposal. Online platforms provide researchers with a plethora of online articles and video clips to access in the comfort of their own homes. This kind of collaboration makes it easier to reach a desirable conclusion on research projects.

Make sure you subscribe to this online platform for credible articles and information about onomastic science. Become aware of the various organisations and institutions that are in charge of shaping and regulating the naming conventions in society.