6 Tips for Speaking at a Conference or Event

Not everyone enjoys speaking at an event. There is a little charisma involved, along with some other people skills that might come in handy. ICOS 2014 provides some great advice for readers who are planning on speaking at a conference or event.

Arrive Early

The early bird definitely gets the worm when it comes to planning to speak at an engagement.

It shows the audience that you’re paying attention to the occasion and that you are prioritising their interests. These little gestures go a long way to creating a good first impression.

Target Audience

Try to get a good understanding of the event audience before speaking at the event. If the purpose of the talk is to generate leads, you can make sure that the right individuals are pitching up at the event.

Another part of understanding the event audience is understanding what the audience is really looking for and refining the speech to align with the interests of the audience.

Social Media

Selling yourself to an audience is partly about engaging with other attendees on social media before the conference. It will encourage people to attend your talk, and it could lead to more connections. Selling yourself is about listening, providing value, and engaging with the audience.

Engage the Audience

This is not just about asking questions or being the person who knows all the answers. Necessary presentation software can be utilised to enhance your presentation and to make your talk overall more engaging.

These tips are definitely something that takes practice, and studying other top speakers is a great place to start. Find out more about speaking at onomastic conferences here.