4 Powerful Terms Used in Gambling

There are many strange terms used in casinos, and some may not be so well understood. The casino industry has devised a few terms with a very interesting history associated with it. Here are a few powerful terms used by casinos.


Arguably one of the most popular terms associated with gambling is “luck”. When someone wins it big, it is said that luck is on their side, whereas those losing may lack the luck required to succeed.

The term originates from the Dutch word ‘luc’ that means fortune or happiness. However, not all casinos are solely dependent on luck. When it comes to sports betting, players need some proper strategic planning to win big.


Short and sweet, the word “bet” is derived from the word beet or abet, which means to create better or to make something better. The core idea of ‘bet’ is to deliver or perform better than the other.

Serious bettors often look to mobile sites such as https://bettargetmobile.com/ when they are looking to make real cash returns based on their analysis of a particular sports match. These sites will often test a player’s knowledge of the sport they are betting on.


This is the currency of the casino gambler. Chips are also fun to fiddle with, and some players have also been known to use them as a token of luck. They come in all sorts of colours and denominations. Chips are normally used with table games.

High Roller

These players simply have a large bankroll that they use to play higher stakes. This means players risk more in order to stand a chance of claiming a much bigger reward.

These are some powerful gambling terms that players will find whether they play online or in a brick-and-mortar casino. Discover more interesting facts behind casino terminology by subscribing to this channel.